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Intellica Research Programs

Enriching the the Academic Journey for China's Aspiring Scholars with Your Profound Expertise.

At Evergrow, we believe in untapping the academic potential of students across the globe. Our mission is to widen access to world-class research-based education, transcending borders and cultural divides to inspire a new generation of thinkers. We understanding that research skills are often not traditionally emphasised in Chinese curriculum.


Our flagship Intellica research programme empowers distingushed tutors from around the globe to to empart their valuable research knowledge and acumen to students in China. Ultimately, we hope to stimulate academic curiosity, nuture inquisitive minds and encourage both tutors and students to make a lasting impact. 


​Research Milestones


  • 2-session interest-finding programme to help student identify the best research topic 
  • Matching the student to the most suitable tutor

Research Project

  • 10-session research programme on a specific topic of choice

  • Tailored to both tutor’s expertise and student’s interest

Publication Bundle

  • 3-session programme specifically on publication technique

  • Publish research project on online platform

Our mentors are from

“Evergrow assisted me in applying to my Masters in Cambridge University. The guidance from my mentor, Dr. Webster, was invaluable throughout the whole application process and helped shape my understanding and insights in the area of Computer Science. I am excited to continue my academic journey!”

Li Jia

Admitted by Cambridge in 2021


"As an undergraduate, having the opportunity to interact with international mentors was an enriching experience. The support team also guided me through the application process. Their wealth of knowledge and support throughout the programme was unparalleled, helping me to successfully secured a place for my further education!"          

Zhang Wei

Admitted by UCL in 2022

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