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Research Program

Intellica is a one-on-one research program with 10 sessions, lasting 10-15 weeks.


We match students with expert tutors from renowned overseas universities based on their chosen subjects. With the assistance of dedicated teaching assistants, students engage in research projects and receive guidance throughout the process, including the completion of research projects and paper writing.


Why research with us? 

Our Intellica program is designed to cater to students' interests and abilities. The program offers a rigorous yet flexible curriculum, allowing students to unleash their potential while familiarizing themselves with the Western education system and experiencing the style of studying abroad through one-on-one guidance and interactive communication with their tutors.

In addition to establishing a solid academic research foundation and gaining a deeper understanding of the selected research field, students who complete the Intellica research project will write an academic research paper with their own signature. With our assistance, they will have the opportunity to publish their research findings on international public platforms such as Google Scholar, sharing their achievements with the world.


Beyond academic research

Through the Intellica research project, students not only enhance their academic research skills but also broaden their horizons, strengthen critical thinking, gain a better understanding of their chosen disciplines, and experience the teaching methods of the Western education system. This equips them with a competitive advantage for their future academic and professional endeavors.

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